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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Organic Clothing

Organic clothing has become not only a fashion choice, but a political statement as well. Now, you can find some great organic (bamboo, organic cotton, and hemp) fabric products, clothing and recycled material accessories) at MyKorazon. The selection of organic shirts, pants, dresses, socks, shoes, belts, and wallets is pretty impressive.

From Loomstate Jeans, Earth Shoes, Prana Yoga and workout clothing, Hats by Livity, Pangea body care and gifts and hemp journals and sketchbooks. MyKorazon has it all.

One of the things I like about MyKorazon is their use of the term eco-customer. I haven't thought much about it until now, but eco-consumerism is becoming a larger force in the global economy, and inherent in the organic movement is a grassroots philosophy to drive business to produce more environmentally friendly products, and to use more environmentally friendly processing methods, become more fuel efficient and carbon aware.

Do your part for the environment, and buy bamboo and organic products. If you shop at MyKorazon, use the Discount code of 'rjgreenwave' and save 5% off your purchase price.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bamboo Golf Shirts Moseau Style

It wasn't long ago that I started writing about bamboo creeping its way into the fashion industry, but it's also working its way into the stylish sports industry too.

I have found some of the most comfortable, cool and great looking golf shirts from Tempe Arizona based Moseau. This is a great find for me and other golfers, because

  1. I live in Florida - and it's always 90 degrees F and 90 percent humid.
  2. Polo style shirts are a staple in my wardrobe on and off the course.
  3. I can wear eco-friendly clothing and look good doing it.

Moseau (pronounced Mo so) produces a line of mens golf shirts in polo and mock tee styles made of 70/30 bamboo/cotton, as well as some very comfortable socks 80/20 bamboo/stretch nylon.

Although these products are not pure bamboo fiber, which would be too soft to make anything other than undergarments, napkins, linens and towels, it has been successfully spun with cotton (or stretch nylon) to produce a highly workable, color fast and resilient fabric.

When asked about the possibility of a women's golf shirt line, Jason Henderson of Moseau playfully responded with "Eventually", but was careful not to spill the beans as to a target date. Ladies, keep an eye out for this line - you will thank me.

Moseau produces a series of high end polo shirts in Pique, Jersey, Ribbed, Ribbed with Pocket and with a variety of colors including green, stratus (white) and nightfall (black) and others.

The shirt that I got from Moseau was a Jersey style polo in black and I absolutely love it. It is extremely soft, and remarkably lightweight. When I went outside in it for the first time, the weather was slightly warm, low 80's and very sunny with a slight offshore breeze. I could feel the heat of the sun, but did not have the sensation of sweat pouring off my back, like I normally do in all cotton shirts.

This was due to the channels or micro-gaps in the bamboo fiber itself, allowing the fabric to remain 2 to 3 degrees cooler than other materials of the same weight and color, and allows moisture to be wicked away from the skin quickly, and promote efficient evaporation.

Bamboo kun is a naturally bacteriostatic property of bamboo fiber which makes it resistant to bacteria as well as odors. Bamboo fiber is also hypoallergenic so there is no risk of allergic reaction to the fiber which is possible with some synthetics and their coatings.

As with most textiles, bamboo is capable of being grown around the world. It has a wide range of growing conditions, but prefers warmer, moister climates, like that of Asia, India and the southern states of the US.

Bamboo is proving to be one of the most significant and versatile natural resources and can be used for many things, from food, to construction materials, to tools, and to textiles. Its growth rate make it a prime textile and materials crop, and an acre of bamboo will outproduce an acre of cotton by a ratio of 10:1 over a 100 year period. Bamboo is also great at absorbing up to 30 percent more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than hardwoods, and a bamboo forest will mature in 4 to 8 years, whereas a hardwood forest will take 40 to 100 years to mature.

I'm going to do my part for the environment and wear my Moseau polo shirts, while I promote biofiber textiles and technologies on and off the golf course.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bamboo Rugs

Bamboo products extend from fencing, flooring, fiber, clothing, blinds, rugs, furniture, tools, toys and foods. This much versatility in a single natural resource is unprecedented, yet bamboo products are only now coming into the market for wide spread consumption.

I would like to introduce you to another fine use of bamboo and other natural products from

Bamboo flooring and bamboo floor covers provide a durable, warm and elegant look to any room. Try one today. Natural Area Rugs will even give you a 30 day risk free return policy

Bamboo Area Rugs from Natural Area

Friday, October 12, 2007

Fashion Trend?

I don't know if bamboo is a fashion trend yet, but I hope to give it a good push. I'm all about everyone being able to do things to help the environment, and we have to wear clothes anyhow, so why not push bamboo fiber or other organic fiber clothing?

You can find great deals at Shirts of Bamboo, but at dozens of other outlets that sell bamboo clothing. Most of the outlets sell soft blankets, baby things, mens and womens underwear (softest material made), socks, towels, robes, etc.

I think the next major wave in the bamboo industry is going to be a push for more mainstream clothing lines - such as with casual wear, polo shirts, t-shirts, slacks, dresses, even uniforms. I may have to start my own clothing business up just to take advantage of the early opportunity.

Let me know what you think - try bamboo clothing, then post comments today

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Bamboo Fabric

One of the current catch phrases found in the news on a daily basis is "sustainability." Can we find products that we can use that raw materials can be produced in quantities that will not deplete the whole or imbalance the environment. Few raw materials have the potential for true sustainable production and consumption as bamboo. It is a highly versatile grass, with a tremendous growth rate and ability to survive in a both temperate and tropical environments. It's woody fibers produce products that are both strong and beautiful, such as in bamboo flooring or cutting boards, "cane" poles and bamboo fly fishing poles, each being prized for their strength and grace under pressure.

Now, the latest manifestation of bamboo uses though has to be in the textile industry. Bamboo can be processed into a fine, silk like fiber or yarn, both of which produce some amazingly soft and durable clothing, bed linens, towels, and even socks and underwear. Bamboo fabric is both hypoallergenic and naturally anti-microbial, so your clothes will be more stain and odor resistant.

Ecological sustainability may be a topical buzzword, but the ethics of such sustainability can help carry the resource demand that we place on our planet. Using bamboo woods and bamboo products in our daily lives can have a major impact on the pace of deforestation of hardwood forests, in favor of faster growing bamboo forests. However, until bamboo rises in public demand, we will still have a high reliance on cotton for our fabrics, while our hardwood demands are met by oak, pine, and maple.

Consider trying bamboo fabrics in your wardrobe or linen closet. They look and feel great, and have a positive effect on our environment.