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Bamboo You: October 2007

Friday, October 12, 2007

Fashion Trend?

I don't know if bamboo is a fashion trend yet, but I hope to give it a good push. I'm all about everyone being able to do things to help the environment, and we have to wear clothes anyhow, so why not push bamboo fiber or other organic fiber clothing?

You can find great deals at Shirts of Bamboo, but at dozens of other outlets that sell bamboo clothing. Most of the outlets sell soft blankets, baby things, mens and womens underwear (softest material made), socks, towels, robes, etc.

I think the next major wave in the bamboo industry is going to be a push for more mainstream clothing lines - such as with casual wear, polo shirts, t-shirts, slacks, dresses, even uniforms. I may have to start my own clothing business up just to take advantage of the early opportunity.

Let me know what you think - try bamboo clothing, then post comments today